When providing our services, we strive to accommodate our clients as much as possible, from both a material and a time perspective.

We know what to focus on

We guarantee the professional and fast provision of a legal service which is focused directly on the goal.

Our principle is to provide clients with complete and undistorted information about every one of their legal cases. We look for the most suitable, economic and effective way to resolve the legal problem. We use the phrases “it’s not possible” or “such a solution is not possible” very rarely, and only if there really are no starting points or alternatives.


During the provision of our services, we place emphasis on the promptness and quality of the performed work, the client’s legal certainty, effectiveness, and the achievement of the client’s intended goal. This is also related to the availability of the solicitors in our office. They are always available via e-mail and telephone.

We perform all our services in a comprehensive manner, so the client does not need to burden themselves with anything. All they have to do is wait for the result. Our main interest is in your satisfaction, and thus the propagation of our office’s good reputation. Your prosperity is our concern.

For whom?

Our activity is 90% composed of the comprehensive outsourcing of corporate legal services. Apart form this, our client portfolio also includes self-employed persons, cooperatives and public-law entities. We are an ideal partner for entities with an interest in long-term stable collaboration. However, we will also be happy to help you with a one-time assignment. You can rely on our maximum discretion and openness to look for the most favourable variant for you, so that you yourself can understand how things operate and comprehend the problem from a legal perspective, and so that you can make a qualified decision on the basis of all the information and possible variants during the resolution of every problem.

Consulting activity

You can also contact us for a one-time consultation, which will outline options for you for dealing with the specific legal problem, thus opening the path to its resolution. In other words, after the first consultation you will know what situation you find yourself in, what needs to be done, and what the expected result is. Whether you avail of our other legal services, which we will offer you on request in connection with the legal problem you are consulting us about, is completely up to you.

In a case  where we take over your legal representation, you can rely on the maximum possible quality of its execution. Quality is always guaranteed. The price of the legal service is negotiated individually, with regard to the complexity of the problem, the value of the case and the expected time demands of the legal solution. We are prepared to provide all services to you on a “turnkey” basis – without you having to concern yourself with anything. All you have to do is wait for the result. However, you will be continuously informed about all the steps we take.


Provided legal services

Mergers and acquisitions

and finance


GDPR and its implementation

Investment units

Insolvency law

Corporate law

International trade

Real property
and development

Civil law

Business law

Labour law

Intellectual property law

Litigation, arbitration

Criminal law and administrative law

Recovery of debt

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